Colorectal Diagnostics is an independent diagnostic laboratory for anorectal disorders i.e. faecal incontinence, rectal prolapse, defaecation disorders, fistulae and rectal carcinoma staging.

Available tests are anorectal physiology & manometry, pudendal nerve terminal motor latency, and endoanal and endorectal ultrasound. Biofeedback is also available for faecal incontinence and defaecation problems. All tests are performed by experienced Doctors and Colorectal Surgeons including members of  Australian Colorectal Endosurgery.

There are two Colorectal Diagnostics Clinics, one in the North Street Medical Centre at St Andrew's War Memorial Hospital in Brisbane and another in the John Flynn Medical Centre, Tugun.

For more information or to obtain referral forms, please contact: Ph:3834 4399 (St Andrew's Clinic) or Ph:5598 0956 (Tugun Clinic).