Overseas Colorectal Fellow Position at RBWH 2020/2021

Thank you for your interest in the Overseas Laparoscopic Colorectal Fellow position at the Royal Brisbane & Women’s Hospital for 2020/2021. Since 2003 we have had a regular post filled by an overseas Fellow.  This is in addition to the CSSANZ Training Board in Colon & Rectal Surgery Fellow. 

The Unit performs a large volume of tertiary level colorectal surgery.  On average, each Fellow is involved with 350 – 400 major colorectal cases, performed at a combination of private and public institutions.  The Unit has a strong reputation for laparoscopic colorectal surgery and has run an International Laparoscopic Colorectal Surgery Training Course since 2001.  The Unit has published extensively on laparoscopic colorectal surgery and continues a strong research interest in inflammatory bowel disease and functional surgery. The unit is instrumental in clinical trials and Prof Andrew Stevenson is the lead author for the recently published ALaCaRT trial and a principle investigator in the preceding ALCAS trial.

The Unit has substantial exposure to laparoscopic colorectal resections with over 5000 now on our database.  The Royal Brisbane & Women’s Hospital has a major tertiary Inflammatory Bowel Disease Unit and there are opportunities for research and clinical work in this sphere.  The spectrum of colorectal surgery is well represented with ileal pouches, functional surgery, endometriosis and TEMS/TAMIS. Colorectal cancer surgery is predictably a substantial component of the workload and approaches include laparoscopic, robotic and transanal TME. A newly established exenteration service is also based at the Royal Brisbane and Women's Hospital.

In recent years, the TBCRS Fellow has averaged around 250 laparoscopic colectomies and the Overseas Fellow has performed similar numbers during their 12 month attachments.  There is also the opportunity to perform colorectal diagnostic procedures such as PNTML and endorectal and endoanal ultrasound, along with manometry. (nearly 1000 cases per year).

Over the years, the Colorectal Fellows have originated from the United Kingdom and Ireland, the Netherlands, Saudi Arabia, Singapore and the United States of America.

Whilst the position is considered Honorary, most Fellows have been able to earn a good income assisting in private practice.  This is contingent upon obtaining a provider number from the Australian Health Insurance Commission.  Others have supplemented their income with grants from Ethicon or Covidien.  Information regarding the Rowan Nicks International Scholarship is included for consideration.  The term runs from 1st August until 30th July of each year.

Our hope for the Overseas Fellowship is that the candidate can return to their home country with the skills they have acquired and be in a position to pass those skills on locally.

This is a very collegiate unit and the Colorectal Fellow is very much a part of the team. Their families are warmly welcomed.

The Overseas Clinical Fellow position has already been filled for 2019/20 and we are currently considering applications for 2020/2021. In application, you will need to let us know when you will be completing your general/colorectal training.  It is usual to have another year of colorectal training prior to coming to Brisbane for laparoscopic experience.  Alternatively, a shorter visit to the Unit at any stage may be more feasible.  In the past, this position has been filled via word of mouth and referee reports are an important aspect of an application.  The unit will usually meet in July or August to shortlist the next years Overseas Fellow.  Interviews are either in person or via Skype.  This allows 12 months to plan ahead and organize paperwork, visa and registration.

If you are interested in applying, please submit:

  1. A covering letter: max 500 words and should include your aspirations, why you should be selected and any future job prospects

  2. Copy of your CV: this should include past clinical appointments and experience. Publications, presentations and ongoing research

  3. Logbook summary

  4. 3 Referee reports: these are important and should include comments pertaining to clinical skills, relationships with colleagues and future job prospects.

Please send the above electronically to David@davidclark.net.au and reception@davidclark.net.au

Once all 4 of the above have been received by the closing date, 30th June 2019, you will be notified of acceptance of your application. Shortlisting and interviews will be July/ August 2019.

Please direct your application to:

A/Prof David A Clark
Australian Colorectal Endosurgery
St Vincent’s Private Hospital Northside
627 Rode Road
Chermside, Brisbane
QLD 4032



Additional information:

Royal Australasian College of Surgeons: Rowan Nicks International Scholarship


Royal Brisbane & Womens Hospital website