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The laparoscopic colorectal training course aspirations are to demonstrate our techniques of laparoscopic resection, advise on the pitfalls we have encountered over the years and, in general, to impart our practical experience with laparoscopic colorectal surgery.

Two three day courses are held at a number of Brisbane hospitals. One course starts on Tuesday, operating with David Clark.  The second course starts at the Royal Brisbane Hospital with Andrew Stevenson on Wednesday. The Wednesday course component closes with a dinner meeting for data and video presentation accompanied by informal discussions.

On Thursday, participants join Andrew Stevenson, David Clark, Damien Petersen, Brian Meade and/or John Lumley who have operating lists at the Wesley Hospital, St Vincent’s Private Hospital Northside and St Andrews Hospitals.  The Friday morning session is held at the St Vincent’s Private Hospital Northside, which uses modern "endosuites" to enhance and facilitate the surgeons laparoscopic procedures.

Our aim is to fill these lists with suitable laparoscopic colorectal cases but obviously the types of procedures will vary. However, most participants would be involved in 5 - 10 laparoscopically-assisted colorectal operations over the course of either three day workshop. We have limited the number of participants to two surgeons at any time, with their operating scrub nurses, to enable closer interaction and communication. By visiting a number of hospitals, participants will have the opportunity to compare and contrast laparoscopic equipment and theatre nursing styles.

Olympus Australia and Johnson & Johnson Endosurgery have kindly agreed to sponsor the travel and accommodation for the visiting surgeons and nurses. Please contact Olympus or J & J directly if you are keen to attend.

This is a novel approach to laparoscopic skills enhancement and we look forward to participating in this with you. Any feedback in relation to the structure, content or execution of the course would be greatly appreciated. In this way, we would hope that the workshop will continue to evolve, in a manner that best suits the needs of the participating surgeons.